Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Update From Summer

Hey Everyone,

I was thinking about writing about the false allegations that have come up against the McCourtneys in the last few days, but since Summer has already written a short update on it I decided to allow her to explain it by copying it to my blog :) Please continue to keep all of us here in Kitgum in your prayers!

Dear Faithful Partners in the Great Commission,

Greeting from Kitgum, where we are all loosing a pound a day just by way of sweating; the heat continues to reach well into the 100's {115 degrees on average}.

The children have been learning about Paul and Silas and their imprisonment in Phillipi; accused of harm when they were actually doing good. What struck me as amazing is that Paul and Silas, beaten and bruised, after being falsely accused, were able to pray and praise while that sat in prison!

Today, false allegations surfaced again that we are; starving our children, denying them both a proper education/socialization and imprisoning them within an unsafe compound. Accused of harm when we are actually doing good. There happens to be a Christian government official who caught wind of all of this and contacted a fellow missionary to inquire if these accusations were true. She silenced him right off and called me straight away to inform me of all that was spoken. Once we got off the phone I called the official, who we have not yet met, and explained to him that this was not the first time these lies have surfaced {spoken by people we have never taken the time to actually come and "see for themselves"}, and that he is welcome to come and visit our home and meet our children. He agreed and will be here on Thursday to, Lord willing, be a voice for the truth.

We live in an area ravaged by war and witchcraft. Darkness reigns and it hates the Light. We understand all of this. That Christians will be, its promised, persecuted for their faith. And, like Paul and Silas, we desire to respond in prayer and praise {although I confess this was not my response today}.

Please pray for us. For strength. For love for those that falsely accuse us. To endure and withstand.

Thank you for your ongoing love, support, intercession and encouragement. Please let us know how we can pray for you.

Fellow Ambassador's,
The McCourtney's in Northern Uganda


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  2. Know that we are praying for you all! We know that the Truth and Light of our Savior will shine brightly in and through you all! Give Summer our love, and share with her that our prayers are with you all.
    The Buxton's