Saturday, December 8, 2012

Enoch and Malaria

Please keep Enoch
In your prayers

He has malaria
and his temp is up and down

Through it all however
He is doing great
and has an awesome attitude!

Just another opportunity
For the Lord
To teach me to trust

Oh joy :)
Isn't it amazing
How He uses children
To stretch us!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Surprise "Birthday" Party

So the girls
And the young ones
Have been planning
A tea party
For two days now

Making gifts
Setting up the table
Dressing up their dolls
So on and so forth

They came to me
With the official invitation
And informed me
It was time to start

I walked in
And was met
With this

My "Surprise Birthday Party"
I love it!

The totally surprised me
I can't believe
The little ones
Kept it a secret

Talk about planning!

My Birthday Cake!
Complete with sprinkles

I also 
Took some pictures
Of the "guests"

Eston and Eden
Enjoying some of my cake

Was VERY enthusiastic
The girls kept rebuking him
For eating with
"Bad Manners"

Elizabeth feeding
Her baby doll cake

The whole party!

Eden and her baby


Elyssa and her babies


Eston was ready to eat!
With his napkin and everything


Me and my "crown"
It was after all
My party!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The death... Of a turkey... Plus Thanksgiving!

Last week
We had a group come
From RCF

What a blessing!

On top of 
Just being an amazing group

They brought us
A bin of goodies...
Full of the fixing
For Thanksgiving

We of course
Had to have
A turkey...

So the neighbor
Obliged us
By selling two
Stellar specimen

Since it is fresh
We have to butcher it
All by ourselves

Or should I say
Our staff does
I was close on hand
With my camera...

So of the pictures
Are a bit gruesome!*

Our ill fated turkey #1

And Charlie
Ill fated turkey # 2

Killing a turkey
The old fashioned way
Thank goodness
For Joseph and Julius...
I would have been lost!

I can't kill a turkey
But I do know
How to prepare one
To bake in the oven!
Thanks Erica!
For letting us use
Your oven

It was time
For the feast!

Mashed Potatoes
And turkey...


Gravy, Green Bean Casserole and Peas/Corn


What is Thanksgiving
Without Cranberry Sauce
Easy Cheese
And Deviled Eggs!


Finally our dessert
In the absence of yams
We had pumpkin
Think Candied Yam
Meets Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving from Uganda!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It's that time of year again
The one that we all dread...
Hot season!

Zooey is all over it
And has found
The coolest place on the property
To hang out

It is an especially wise choice
Because right above...
Is the faucet...
So when someone comes
To wash their hands
She cools off
Even more

Smart dog!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Eston!

It is that time again
Another Birthday!

This time...
It is dear Eston!

As you can see
He is now 5 years old!
Big man :)

For his birthday
We had his two favorite foods!
Pizza and Hamburgers

And everyone came for the party
Since the McCourtney's have
Such a large family
Eating out
Is super special

I think his birthday
Was a success!

And everyone kept saying
"I'm so glad
It is Eston's birthday!"

Thanks Eston!!!
Happy Birthday dear :)
And many more to come!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Learning Made Fun!

So it is a Saturday
Which means
A break from normal school

And yet the McCourtney children
Just love to learn!

It is sweet really...

So what we do
Is at the beginning of the morning
I make a list
Of WAY more things
Than we could even begin
To do in one day

Then we make another list
Of the kids names

Remember the game 
"Pick a Number Between"
We put that game to use!

This is the result

The kids love it!
It's kind of fun for all of us
You never know
What the next will pick

This evening
Enoch selected

I think it is his favorite 
Because even though
He is only 4
He is ridiculously good at playing it

So to make it
A little more challenging
We decided
To play where the kids
Have to play "properly"

Which means
Right hand and Left hand!
Out comes
The sharpie
And the kids
Are ready to play!


Way too much fun! 
Let me tell you

So once the kids
Start looking like this

The day was a success!
Yeah for twister!

Who says
Learning can't be fun!

I realize
That Elizabeth isn't smiling...
I believe
This must have been
Her "Game" face

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baby Rabbits and Cute Kids

I'm pretty sure
The title says it all!

With no further adeui!

Baby rabbits...
Cute kids!









I'm not sure
How I managed to miss
A few of the kids

Guess I will just have
To spend more times
With the cute kids ;)
And our three baby rabbits!

My life is HARD

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Exams This Week, Lord Help Me!

So once again
It is THAT time...
The time
That stresses every teacher out

(I know I'm not alone in this!)


To be precise...
Mid-Term Exams...

While going through
Some cirriculum
From here...
I discovered something
That pretty much 
The Ugandan take
On schooling here...

If you note
Under the badge
It says
"School is God"

I found it
In the curriculum

A lot of people here
Think school is
The beginning and end 
Of all...

Please be praying
For the children

The school system here
Puts HUGE priority
On passing exams

So the way they go about that
Is by having the kids just
The things the teachers know
Will be on the test...

Contrary to that
We have been teaching the kids
The actual facts
And making sure they understand
Each thing they are taught...

As a result
Sometimes our kids get discouraged
If they can't answer
Every one of the questions
Even though some of them
Are far to advanced
For a 6 or 7 year old...

Please be praying
That the McCourtney children
Would be a light
As they go for testing

That they wouldn't become discouraged
But would know that
Everything that they do
Is "unto the Lord"


That their teacher
Would have peace
That only comes from the Lord!


Blessings all!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Birthday Birthday Birthday!!!

Happy Happy Birthday
To Miss Elianah

She is making!
This many

In the absence
Of a cake
We made due
With candles...

And in the absence
Of an oven
We had

Pumpkin pie...
Minus the baking
And the crust...

All's well
That ends well

I love birthdays :)

Beavers or Ducks...

Trust me
I know this is
A touchy subject...

But it cracked me up
Too much
Not to post!

Enoch was a bit
Under the weather

By mid-morning
He was back to normal

I asked him
To put on a coat
And he got
The OSU sweatshirt
That I am sure
Some avid fan
Sent us...

I asked him
To continue resting
On the bed

As I continued
To read my bible
All of a sudden

I heard
Get this...

Duck noises
Coming from the bed

I have no idea why
But it destroyed me
That here he was
Wearing Beaver colors
And quacking

True contradiction!

Best of both worlds maybe?


Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn In Africa :)

A friend of mine
It a very gifted artist!

And she is always trying
To help those of us
Who aren't so "artsy"
Get in touch with
Our inner artist

So she has a little "event"
On Facebook right now...

Dedicated it Autumn

For that event

We are supposed to do
"Autumn" or "Fall" Things
 Whether it is

Anything that has to do
With the Season

So being in Africa
Where we are in the middle
Of rainy season

I am a bit limited :)

So yesterday
I decided to try to get 
My "Autumn" on!

Here is the result...
Of my Autumn Pumpkin Soup 


Love you Cassi!

Off to find the perfect pumpkin!


Enoch and Elianah

Eli and Ethan

This one is just cause
I thought the picture was pretty
And sort of artsy ;)

Back on the home front...
My cutting assistants!
Elyssa and Elijah

The onions complete
I have such amazing helpers!

Boiled pumpkin
On the way
To soup

Mashed pumpkin
With sauteed onions and garlic

And the final result

Pumpkin soup
With fresh cooked chapati!

Yum :)