Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn In Africa :)

A friend of mine
It a very gifted artist!

And she is always trying
To help those of us
Who aren't so "artsy"
Get in touch with
Our inner artist

So she has a little "event"
On Facebook right now...

Dedicated it Autumn

For that event

We are supposed to do
"Autumn" or "Fall" Things
 Whether it is

Anything that has to do
With the Season

So being in Africa
Where we are in the middle
Of rainy season

I am a bit limited :)

So yesterday
I decided to try to get 
My "Autumn" on!

Here is the result...
Of my Autumn Pumpkin Soup 


Love you Cassi!

Off to find the perfect pumpkin!


Enoch and Elianah

Eli and Ethan

This one is just cause
I thought the picture was pretty
And sort of artsy ;)

Back on the home front...
My cutting assistants!
Elyssa and Elijah

The onions complete
I have such amazing helpers!

Boiled pumpkin
On the way
To soup

Mashed pumpkin
With sauteed onions and garlic

And the final result

Pumpkin soup
With fresh cooked chapati!

Yum :)

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