Thursday, August 11, 2011

God's Sweet Tart

This is Quomo
At least...
That is it's African name

I personally like to call it
God's Sweet Tart!

Sorry I didn't think to take a picture of the inside
But I will describe it as best as I can

It is filled with large seeds that have a pulpy fruit around it
When you first put one in your mouth
It tastes like heaven
Or sugar

Then as you continue to eat it
That sweet taste turns sour
It is so good!
It literally hurts the more you eat :)

Love it...
God always does it best

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Most Recent Room-Mate

Meet Stan
As far as I can tell
He is some sort of lizard
(Although I am not an expert on reptiles)
Super cute
And if you look closely
He even has a Goatee!
And for the last month
He and I have been room-mates
Until today
When I FINALLY cornered him in the bathroom
And exercised my right to have him evicted
He now lives on the wall outside the courtyard...
I am sure that he will do well there
I even warned him to stay away from the two dogs...
They enjoy munching on those of a reptile sort
Hopefully he will do well in his new home...
He may find his way back to my room
In which case...
This whole process may start over again
I love my life!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Eden Christine

So I was looking back on some previous blogs that I had written
I realized that the last picture I had posted of Eden was this one
Which was taken 2 days after she was brought home

Looking back I can't believe how much she has changed
Here is a picture I took recently!
Doesn't even look like the same child does it!
Wow, God is so good...
Every time the McCourtney's bring a new child in the their family
I am reminded of what God did for me
He took me, broken and bruised by the world
and brought me into a new life with Him