Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn In Africa :)

A friend of mine
It a very gifted artist!

And she is always trying
To help those of us
Who aren't so "artsy"
Get in touch with
Our inner artist

So she has a little "event"
On Facebook right now...

Dedicated it Autumn

For that event

We are supposed to do
"Autumn" or "Fall" Things
 Whether it is

Anything that has to do
With the Season

So being in Africa
Where we are in the middle
Of rainy season

I am a bit limited :)

So yesterday
I decided to try to get 
My "Autumn" on!

Here is the result...
Of my Autumn Pumpkin Soup 


Love you Cassi!

Off to find the perfect pumpkin!


Enoch and Elianah

Eli and Ethan

This one is just cause
I thought the picture was pretty
And sort of artsy ;)

Back on the home front...
My cutting assistants!
Elyssa and Elijah

The onions complete
I have such amazing helpers!

Boiled pumpkin
On the way
To soup

Mashed pumpkin
With sauteed onions and garlic

And the final result

Pumpkin soup
With fresh cooked chapati!

Yum :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Question

So here it is
The question that inevitably
Popped into my head
The other day

Why is it
That two minutes
 The weather
Looks like this...

Or this

Or especially THIS

Without FAIL
One of the young ones
HAS to go to the pit latrine...

Is on the OTHER side
Of the farm...

And they CAN'T hold it 
Till it stops raining..


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kids Say the Funniest Things

So really quick
Since I am supposed
To be doing school
Right now

Kids say
The funniest things

We just got
A package
From America

In said package
Was a "Marvel Comic Book" 
Coloring Book

This sparked conversations
About various "Super Hero's"

And after the kids
Talked for awhile
About which one was the best
 The general agreement
Was "Captain America"

After a pause
Elianah looked at me and said
"Bri... You should marry Captain America"

My reply
"I totally agree!"


"But Ellie there is one problem..."

She thinks about it
The kids say in unison
"Captain America isn't real"

Ellie pauses again
Then says
"But if he WAS real...
You should marry Captain America"

Amen sister


Monday, September 3, 2012

Girls and Their Hair

So one thing I love
About the girls hair
Is how stinkin' neat it looks
When one of the local ladies comes over
And braids it...

As much as I would love to
I can't quite seem to get the hang
Of braiding hair
That is only about...
Well three inches long


We have a sweet neighbor girl
Name Susan
Who comes over occasionally
And braids the girls hair

A few of those hair styles
: D

Noteworthy :)

So with no further adeui
I give you
The girls
And their sweet hair!

And the swirls!

How about...
A closer look!

I know...
Aren't you!

This is a pretty standard
Hairstyle here
But it is my favorite
I think

You can't see the back
But there is another row coming up
To meet her hair as well

Last but not least
In all
Her hair braided glory


Sunday, September 2, 2012

snake... Snake... SNAKE!!!

I find that some of my best posts
Are about the insanity
That Africa throws at me

Generally in the form
Of some sort of bug

One thing
That I had definitely
Been happy about
Was the fact
That I had never encountered
A snake...
At least
Not one on one...

I have been resigned
For some months now
To the fact
That this record
Wasn’t gonna stand

Living out here
More on the outskirts
Of Kitgum

On a farm
Pretty much sooner
Or later
(Which I was for)
I was gonna run across one

And now
It has happened

Twice actually...

Like I said in my first post
I have been remiss
In updating...

It is actually
A good thing

Because I have found
That oddly
My thought process
In finding a snake
Is always
The same...

So first
I will let you in
On the process
I go through mentally

Then I will give you
The specifics...

I don’t know
If you will find it
As amusing as I do
(Sorry Mom)

But every time
I think about it
I crack up...

So mentally
When I see a snake
I find I go through
Three separate stages...

snake... Snake... SNAKE!

Let me explain

Stage One : snake

This is the stage
Of recognition...

“What is that thing...”
I begin to
Observe characteristics...


It is black...

It has a hooded head

It is slithering

Then comprehension

“Huh, oh, it is a snake”

Stage Two: Snake

Next comes the stage
Of understanding

“Wait a minute...
That is dangerous...
Snake = Poisonous”

It is in stage two
That I will verbally say

Just once
Very calmly...
When comprehension
Of danger
(Pun intended)
: D

Stage Three: SNAKE

This is when
My mind starts racing
I start yelling at the kids
Like a mad woman

Get OFF the ground
And up on the wall!!!”

Once I have all the kids
Off the ground
And safe,
This is also the stage
Where I run
And get
“The mighty snake slayers”

Who are cleverly disguised
As our workers...

Who all just get excited
And come to kill it...


Now you know
What goes through my mind

It is time
To hear
The stories
Of the actual “encounters”

Encounter One

The other day
I was walking
Toward the hut
Where we keep our solar
To get my computer

When I saw it
Peeking up
Over the step at me

Begin the mental process
(See Three Stage process)

It was
A stinkin’ cobra!

And it was reared up
And hissing at me!


I saw it
Before I got very close
I was still
About 5 feet away from it

Having gone through
Stages 1,2 & 3
Others are coming to assist
In the form of
Two of our staff ladies
And Therese
Came to get that sucker
And kill him good!

The snake wasn't co-operating

It turned around
And went back into the room

And I was the only one
Who had seen it...

So there we are
Looking in the room for it
And all we could find
Were frogs

Let me tell you what
I was starting to worry
I had imagined the whole thing

Also, I was worried
If we couldn’t find it
I was never gonna be able to go
In that room again
For fear it was gonna take
A bite out of my leg!

Praise the Lord
We finally found it

And it almost
Bit poor Catherine...
Who promptly screamed
Dropped her stick
And ran...
Followed closely
By Margaret and Therese

Even better
Therese had a lamp in her hand
Which had a rather long cord
And at one point
We all thought
The snake was chasing us

Great was out relief
When we realized
It was only...
The cord :)

I tell ya
You gotta laugh
Or you will cry

So having surmised
That it was not gonna just
Sit still
Long enough
For us to beat it to death
With sticks

We did what any
Self respecting woman does...

And we called the men :D

So they all
Gladly stopped their work
And came running

Now we have
Six rather large men
With equally large
Sticks, rakes and shovels
Inside a rather small hut
Trying to kill this

The kids
Are all up on the walls
Of the crafting hut
Wishing they could see

And all the women
(myself included)
Are peering into the window
Yelling advice
And reminding the men
To be cautious...

Why is it
In times of danger
People always feel it necessary
To tell those taking a risk
Really obvious things...

I found myself saying things like
“Be careful”
“Don’t get bit”

Good thing I was there
They might not have known
That those were things
They needed to keep in mind

Right :)

Long and the short
Of it
They got him...

Smashed his head
And he was

I joke you not
The guys were pounding
Each other on the back
And congratulating
One another...

Some things
Are universal

This snake was about
2 ½ ft long
Which to me
Might as well
Have been a mile
It seemed so big!


Humans 1
Snakes 0

Encounter Two

This happened
Just yesterday actually

There we were
All sitting in
The crafting hut
Minding our own business

When I
(Who was sitting on the wall)
Heard something strange...

So I turned around
To figure out what it was
That I was hearing

Repeat Three Stages
In mental snake process

So I am sitting
On the low wall
Of the crafting hut

Which has
No door
And the snake
Is right under me
Heading straight for
The door opening...


Praise the Lord
Our German Shepherd
Is laying across the opening
So it stopped the snake
From coming in

(As a side note
I don’t believe in
Coincident... Or chance
Even though I didn’t know
That snake was gonna come
God did           
And He placed angel in its path
In the form
Of a rather large
German Shepherd)

So the snake was stopped
At the door
Stood up (like they do)
Hood out
And hissed...

Zooey didn’t get bitten
And she scared the snake enough
That it turned around
And started slithering away

So while Ryan tried to kill it
I ran and got the staff
Who all very calmly
Ate another bite of their lunch

Then got up
And came
Rocks, Sticks and Bamboo
With which they intended
To slay the snake

We have quite a bit
Of random sacks, containers
Along with
Various other things
In that area right now
Because of all the crop harvesting
We have been doing
So it took them again
A bit to find the snake
Which had gone into hiding

Finally, Santa shook out a sack
And out plopped the snake
At the feet
Of Zippy (our dog)

Once again
It didn’t bite her

The snake was more concerned
At getting away

But with about nine Acholi’s
Out to kill it
That WASN’T gonna happen

The kids were all
Really excited
To be able to see this snake
From the safety
Of the wall in the crafting hut

The snake is cornered
The pounding begins
And very quickly
It is dead


Another crisis...

Humans 2
Snakes 0

What have we learned from all this

#1 Keep all the doors closed
#2 If you see a snake... Run

We are also
Going to do
“Snake drills”
For the kids ;)
To improve
Their response time
In case another
“Snake situation”

They are so excited!

Please continue to keep all of us
In your prayers

As when dry season starts up
In a few months
The snakes increase
And we have 11 children
Running around

God is good
And as I tell the kids
Every time we talk about snakes

We may not know where they are
But He does
And He is our protector!

Blessings :)

Blame it on the Rain

I have been realizing
In the last few days
That I have been
Sorely remiss
In writing blog posts...

I always fight the thought

“My life isn’t that interesting...
Does anyone really care
To hear what I have been doing
With my ‘day to day’
So to speak”

Long and the short of it
Is that I started praying
That the Lord would
“Inspire me”

Now I have about four blog posts
Floating around in my head
Waiting to be written out

When it rains
It pours!


Which leads me to my first
Blog update...

Which quite literally
Has to do
With the rain!

I thought I would give you all
A little look
Into what happens here
When it rains

(Or unfortunately
Depending on your perspective)
Today was Sunday
So there wasn’t a whole lot
Going on
Since we don’t have any staff here

Here is a bit of a glance
Into a wet...
Soggy day


First of all
All our pets
Seem to think
That when it is raining outside
It gives them permission
To take over our huts
So here they are
In all their glory

(Cy and Five Bucks...
My room = Their room
When it rains)

Clean Laundry... Or bed
She decides I guess :)

Poor Zippy
Don't you just feel
The need to save her

She isn't even allowed in that room...
But do the rules REALLY count
When it is raining :)

Then there are
The children
Hiding in their rooms...
But they
Love it!

They would love it even more
If I would let them
Play in the rain :)

That's me
Meanie ;)

And this
Is an example
Of why
We have these steps
Built INSIDE the huts...
We call them wells
Because every time it rains
They fill up


The girls and their dolls



Elyssa and Eden

And of course
The boys
Girls have dolls
Have Legos and K'nex!

And then...
There is me :)

Running around
Doing what needs to be done

I love Africa
And the rain