Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kids Say the Funniest Things

So really quick
Since I am supposed
To be doing school
Right now

Kids say
The funniest things

We just got
A package
From America

In said package
Was a "Marvel Comic Book" 
Coloring Book

This sparked conversations
About various "Super Hero's"

And after the kids
Talked for awhile
About which one was the best
 The general agreement
Was "Captain America"

After a pause
Elianah looked at me and said
"Bri... You should marry Captain America"

My reply
"I totally agree!"


"But Ellie there is one problem..."

She thinks about it
The kids say in unison
"Captain America isn't real"

Ellie pauses again
Then says
"But if he WAS real...
You should marry Captain America"

Amen sister


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