Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And Zane is off!

Hey Everyone!

Well, Zane is off to America tonight. There were a few mix-up's with his passport, but as always God is faithful and he will be able to make his flight. What a blessing for him to have the opportunity to return after four years straight in Africa. He will be flying out at 11 PM on the 14th from Entebbe and will be arriving at 11 AM on the 15th in Portland. Prayer for his safe travel would be greatly appreciated by all!

For those of you from Crossroads Christian Fellowship, Zane will be teaching there on Sunday the 31st so if you are wanting to hear what is happening here in the busy town of Kitgum feel free to go down. I know he is really excited to share about what God is doing and to hear from all of you who so faithful to pray for the ministry.

For the news here in Kitgum :)

The well is going extremely well! They hit a water channel yesterday and the water is coming much quicker now. They got 30 jerry cans worth of water out of it today so tomorrow they will begin plastering the walls. They have to begin plastering now because when they do hit a better water source a little deeper the plaster on the walls needs to be hardened or they won't be able to plaster that part and you run the risk of the walls caving in over time. To plaster the walls, one of the workers will be standing at the top of the well lowering a bucket with cement in it and the other will be plastering below along the wall. As you can imagine that is some hard work! I will try and get a picture up soon. I still can't believe how far they have gotten!!!

Homeschooling is going well. We have taken a break from Science this month and we are instead teaching the kids how to play football (soccer for us Americans). Lessons seem to be going well. Some of the kids still can't quite get their minds around trying to run, kick and aim all at the same time. There has been quite a few falls, but they keep on and that is all you can ask right!

Keep Emma in your prayers if you think about him. We had word from the village that he has been sick lately so when Zane returns Summer will head out and visit to check up on him and see how he is doing.