Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blame it on the Rain

I have been realizing
In the last few days
That I have been
Sorely remiss
In writing blog posts...

I always fight the thought

“My life isn’t that interesting...
Does anyone really care
To hear what I have been doing
With my ‘day to day’
So to speak”

Long and the short of it
Is that I started praying
That the Lord would
“Inspire me”

Now I have about four blog posts
Floating around in my head
Waiting to be written out

When it rains
It pours!


Which leads me to my first
Blog update...

Which quite literally
Has to do
With the rain!

I thought I would give you all
A little look
Into what happens here
When it rains

(Or unfortunately
Depending on your perspective)
Today was Sunday
So there wasn’t a whole lot
Going on
Since we don’t have any staff here

Here is a bit of a glance
Into a wet...
Soggy day


First of all
All our pets
Seem to think
That when it is raining outside
It gives them permission
To take over our huts
So here they are
In all their glory

(Cy and Five Bucks...
My room = Their room
When it rains)

Clean Laundry... Or bed
She decides I guess :)

Poor Zippy
Don't you just feel
The need to save her

She isn't even allowed in that room...
But do the rules REALLY count
When it is raining :)

Then there are
The children
Hiding in their rooms...
But they
Love it!

They would love it even more
If I would let them
Play in the rain :)

That's me
Meanie ;)

And this
Is an example
Of why
We have these steps
Built INSIDE the huts...
We call them wells
Because every time it rains
They fill up


The girls and their dolls



Elyssa and Eden

And of course
The boys
Girls have dolls
Have Legos and K'nex!

And then...
There is me :)

Running around
Doing what needs to be done

I love Africa
And the rain

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