Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Really... Really?

So this afternoon
The kids and I 
Decided to take some time
And relax...

We had slight reprieve
From testing
(non today because Zane had to go on a short trip)

So we decided
To bust out
"The Great Escape"


Can't go wrong
With Steve McQueen ever!
Right :)

I got a cup of coffee

And we all settled in

About half way through
The movie

I casually glanced down
Into my almost finished
Cup of coffee

And what do you think
I discovered there?

A drowned spider
About the size
Of a silver dollar...


Is NOTHING sacred anymore :)

Bugs are even
Invading my coffee time now


As for testing
Three down
Three more to go!

The kids are settling into the routine now
And seem to still enjoy it
For the most part

Please continue to pray for them
Some of the curriculum that they teach
Here in the schools
Is just memorization
And the students of the school
Don't really "understand" the concept

Which we aren't doing with our kids
We are taking our time
And slowly adding
Making sure that they really understand
What we are teaching them

They kids get frustrated
When something comes up
That they don't know how to do...

As I have explained to them
That they just need to do their best
And skip the "hard stuff"
They seem to be doing better



  1. I don't know how you do it Bri! Spider-flavored coffee........might be a new best seller for Starbucks!:)
    You are doing such an awesome job with the kids, they are all so blessed to have you and your positive spirit!
    God is so good, and so faithful, just keep trusting in Him!:)

  2. Thanks so much Leah! There are days I don't want to be positive let me tell you what! Thank the Lord, I serve the God of Patience :D Blessings on you and your family!