Thursday, July 12, 2012

Second Post... Same day

Can it be???

Two posts in one day!


It is indeed true


Sorry that I have been
A bit lax
In updating

Seems that there is a lot going on
When you are taking care
Of 11 children
And generally
Keeping up 
With life
In an Africa Country!

I am so blessed!

God has been so faithful

He reminds me constantly
That His strength
Is made perfect
In my weakness

That He is the author of all wisdom

And that
Without Him
I am nothing

Blessed be His name

All that said

Things are going well
Here at Lil' Village

Next week
Is Finals at the local school

Please keep that 
In your prayers

Praise the Lord
I feel 
Like the kids are ready

We have been studying hard
And the kids
Are really trying
To learn well

It is cute :)

I wish people
Could sit in on our classes
I can't believe
How much I learn!
And I am the teacher :)

Any and all prayer
For exams
Would be much appreciated

Needless to say
After all the prep
And extended class time

The week after exams
We will be taking
A bit of a break

On the front
Of Summer's health
She continues to rest
And wait in America

Her return date is set
For early September
And we all await her return
With baited breathe!
Please keep the entire McCourtney family
In your prayers

For Summer's health
That the Dr's would have wisdom
In diagnosing
What is going on
In her body

And helping her
To regain her health

 That the time would go quickly
Until her return
As I am sure
You can understand
It is hard for all of them
To be so far apart
For so long

On another front
 The farm
Continues to grow
And change

It is so cool
To see everything green
And growing!

The rain has been coming
In the Afternoons

By rain
I am talking
Torrential downpours!

Being an Oregon girl
I can't help
But love every minute of it

In the middle of the night
When I wake up
Because water is dripping on my face
I might not have
Quite that good
Of an attitude about it

Building around the property continues
Sorry about the lack of pictures
I just so happened
To feel inspired tonight
(Hence the two blog posts)

I will try and dust off my camera
And run around 
In the next few days
And take some pictures

Thanks you everyone
For your prayers

From a little hut
In Africa


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  1. We continue to pray for you all Bri! It is always so good to hear what is going on in your life, so thanks for posting.