Thursday, July 12, 2012


I am not from the South
Which means
Until I moved to Uganda
I had never tried Okra

I realized last time I was here
I wasn't missing much

It is a bit
Of a slimy mess

It is hard to escape
Here in Uganda

In Okra season
It is everywhere
And it is cheap

So once again today
It was time
To eat Okra

Well I did try to share with Zane
That I felt it was possible
The Lord might be
Speaking through me
That we should just sell it all
And bless the community

He however suggested
That I might be confusing
My own opinion
With the Lords...

I did after all
Say might... 

So I was told
The ladies could make it for lunch
Or I could make it
To go with dinner

The house helper
Who was cooking that day

Said she felt it would be better 
With dinner

Seems they didn't
Want to eat it


You know there is something wrong
If the locals
Won't eat it...

A friend who is staying here
For the summer
Informed me
That she had Okra once
In the South

Of course
Deep fried

She said that
It wasn't so bad...

And deep fried

I can do that!

Evening comes
Okra is cut
And batter is mixed

At which point
It begins 
To torrentially


Yep, sure enough

Don't know if I have mentioned it
But we have an
Outdoor kitchen

So I am deep frying
With a little metal roof
That just covers my head

The rain was pushing
The other way
So it wasn't blowing in at me

Stop for a minute
Run and get a rain coat
Shut all the shutters and doors
And it is back
To cooking

Yeah wind and rain!

So here I am
Deep frying
In the middle of a rain storm

All of a sudden
There is a
Goodness gracious!

Sure enough...

And I am deep frying
Under a metal roof
That is built
Under a giant tamarind tree
In a rain storm

Did I mention
I might...
Have been barefooted
And standing in puddles
From aformentioned
Rain storm...

Points to me
For being so smart

What do you think
My next thought

"Run inside"?
"Put on shoes"?
"Turn of gas burner"?

My first thought
"I wonder what
Would happen
If I got 
Struck by lightning"


Sorry Mom

I finally got the Okra done
And I had tons of batter left

So what do you do
When you are deep frying
And you have extra batter...
Deep fry it of course!


I am pretty sure at this point
That deep frying
Makes everything taste good

No wonder they eat Okra in the South

They probably only eat it
Deep fried
Which I am happy to report
Tastes amazing!

Kind of like a slightly sweet Jalepeno

Who knew....

I survived

The Okra turned out

And on top of it

The kids liked it!

I even had
The house help
Try some
Before they left

They liked it too


Another dish to add to my 
Cooking abilities......

Score one
To the South!


  1. You did indeed score! It was yummy ... not slimmy at all. Thanks Bri for braving the storm so that we could have okra for dinner. We love you for it ... we really do!!!

  2. You are too funny!:) With relatives in the south, we know all about okra! I agree with you, fried is the only way to eat it......they eat it in stews and stuff and it is so slimy! YUCK! So score one for deep fried food, and for your ability to brave the storm and fix dinner anyway!:)