Friday, December 7, 2012

Surprise "Birthday" Party

So the girls
And the young ones
Have been planning
A tea party
For two days now

Making gifts
Setting up the table
Dressing up their dolls
So on and so forth

They came to me
With the official invitation
And informed me
It was time to start

I walked in
And was met
With this

My "Surprise Birthday Party"
I love it!

The totally surprised me
I can't believe
The little ones
Kept it a secret

Talk about planning!

My Birthday Cake!
Complete with sprinkles

I also 
Took some pictures
Of the "guests"

Eston and Eden
Enjoying some of my cake

Was VERY enthusiastic
The girls kept rebuking him
For eating with
"Bad Manners"

Elizabeth feeding
Her baby doll cake

The whole party!

Eden and her baby


Elyssa and her babies


Eston was ready to eat!
With his napkin and everything


Me and my "crown"
It was after all
My party!

1 comment:

  1. That’s so nice of you! We need more people like you. It was a very good deed that you did. Wonderful! My sister is also looking for rental spaces for parties for having a party for the kids like this. Anyways, it was lovely going through this post, they all are very cute.