Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The death... Of a turkey... Plus Thanksgiving!

Last week
We had a group come
From RCF

What a blessing!

On top of 
Just being an amazing group

They brought us
A bin of goodies...
Full of the fixing
For Thanksgiving

We of course
Had to have
A turkey...

So the neighbor
Obliged us
By selling two
Stellar specimen

Since it is fresh
We have to butcher it
All by ourselves

Or should I say
Our staff does
I was close on hand
With my camera...

So of the pictures
Are a bit gruesome!*

Our ill fated turkey #1

And Charlie
Ill fated turkey # 2

Killing a turkey
The old fashioned way
Thank goodness
For Joseph and Julius...
I would have been lost!

I can't kill a turkey
But I do know
How to prepare one
To bake in the oven!
Thanks Erica!
For letting us use
Your oven

It was time
For the feast!

Mashed Potatoes
And turkey...


Gravy, Green Bean Casserole and Peas/Corn


What is Thanksgiving
Without Cranberry Sauce
Easy Cheese
And Deviled Eggs!


Finally our dessert
In the absence of yams
We had pumpkin
Think Candied Yam
Meets Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving from Uganda!!!

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