Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Day in My Life Part 2

This is the continuation of my life...
I believe I left off at school
It is 10 AM
The kids have been running around
Playing and getting their energy out
Now it is time to get down to the nitty gritty!
Everyone is given their assignments
(Depending on the day we have different subjects)
And we settle down to “serious” schooling

At least we try

It is really difficult to focus
When there are two kittens
Wrestling and rolling around
In the middle of the floor
Then there are the goats
Our goats this time
Outside foraging for food
I had NO idea a goat made


The first class is done
Snack time
One of my favorite times...
You never know what it will be
Sometimes it is Papaya
Sometimes it is Bisquits
(Kind of a sweet graham cracker)
Sometimes it is fried casava
(Think along the lines of fried potato slices)

My fav...
Home made peanut butter
And depending on the time of year...
Quite possibly HONEY
Boiled from the comb!
Be jealous :)

Snack is over,
Back to the grind...

Oh wait...
What is that?
In the corner of the room!
Are those poisonous!
Anarchy in the class room
Go get the dust pan
Sweep it up
Take it out to the workers
Who laugh at me...
And kill it

Then again...
No one killed it with their bare foot
So I feel a little justified...
I didn’t over react...
Not if the locals are a bit scared too!

Man with all these distractions!
I can’t believe anything gets done :)

Officially back to school

The second class proceeds
On Thursdays and Fridays
We have our Acholi lessons...
Now THAT is funny :)
The way they teach here
Is ALL about repetition
It makes me laugh...
I can’t imagine
What everyone is thinking
Who is outside and can hear us!

After the second class it is lunch time
Ah lunch
Some days you love it
Some days...
You are just thankful you aren’t starving :)

Lately we have been “mixing it up”
So to speak

Lunch has either been

Beans (Yummy!) and Posho
The Posho is a mix of
Millet/Sweet Potato/Sorgum
Which is generally good
But thanks to a rather unfortunate batch
Of Sweet Potato
It tastes moldy...
Which is basically
Penicillin... right?
It can’t hurt you :)
I’m getting...
Healthier eating it?

Or the other day
Rice (Yes!) with Cow Peas
Which would be fine...
The Cow Peas seem to have acquired...
A bonus of protein?
The bonus being disguised as
Weevils !!!
Oh dear...
I just tell myself
If sailors could do it
Back in the day sailing the ocean blue
I can do it too!

Thank goodness for Tabasco...
That is all I can say :)

And of course either of these is accompanied
By either fried cabbage...
Which are basically glorified weeds
(Don’t tell anyone but these weeds taste good!)

Lunch is over
It is time for the
“Group trip” to the Pit Latrine
You wouldn’t think this would be
That big of a deal
But when you have 13 children
Between the ages of
3 and 9
Everything takes longer

So off we go
Across the compound
To the Latrine
The cry is let out
“Find your shade”
And each child runs to his or her
Papaya tree
And waits for their “turn”
To ascend to the “throne”

I LOVE my life :)

30 minutes later
We return
And school resumes

Holy Moley!
It is only 2:00 in the afternoon...
I am thinking this is going to be
Another post or two!

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  1. Love it! Your life makes my life feel pretty dull!:) Can't wait to hear 'the rest of the story.....'