Monday, March 12, 2012

A Day in My Life Part 1

Well the move has been made official.
We now live around 5 minutes from town,
On a papaya farm,
In grass thatched huts,
Using composting pit latrines,
Feeding Goats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs,
One slightly disgruntled turkey,
Chickens, Pigeons, Guinea Fowl,
Dogs, Cats
And a very elusive field mouse
Who likes to eat our bananas!!!

I love my life!

There is always so much I could write,
But when it comes down to writing it on paper,
For some reason I always draw a blank.
For now,
I guess maybe it would be best
To let you know what it is that amuses me
About my daily life.
If you know me at all,
You know that I am very easily amused...
I hope that my amusement
Is as entertaining to you as it is to me!

I have become a bit of an early riser
Don’t tell my parents!
They will expect me to be up early
When I come for visits! :)

What amuses me about being an early riser
Is the puppies have decided
They are allowed in my room...
So when I stumble out my door
Wild haired and blurry eyed
I generally trip over at least one of them
As they excitedly jump up
Off my door step
And into my room...

So after washing my face
And brushing my teeth
I return to my room
Where “Five Bucks” promptly
crawls into my lap
And starts snoring
(Yes... apparently dogs snore)
While I am TRYING to read my Bible
By flickering candle light no less!
Poor thing...
He doesn’t realize
He isn’t a lap dog...
His sister Lady meanwhile
Is laying on the rug against the wall
Shredding some treasure she discovered
During the nights exploits

By candle light
I am generally hoping
Her “treasure” isn’t anything gross

And all this...
Is before 7 AM

Then there is the walk past the goats pen
Where the guinea pig always sets up a ruckus.
It might only be 7 AM
But he wants food!
So he and the two rabbits get water,
grass, leafy greens...
And huge chunks of papaya...
Who knew that rabbits and guinea pigs at papaya?
Not me till I lived here...

By now, the kids are up
And the day begins
Coffee is brewed
(Which may not be exciting to you...
But to me it is a daily miracle :) )

The brewing of the coffee always leads
To the inevitable conversation
With at least one of the children

Normally it goes something like this...

“Wow Bri!
Your coffee smells reeeeeaaaallly good!”

Long pause

“I wish I could drink coffee...”

Another long pause

“Bri... how old do I have to be
When I can start drinking coffee?”

My answer always...

“15 ”

Don’t ask me why that is my answer
It just is and I am sticking to my guns :)

Then follows the mental calculation
Figuring out how many years that is

Deep sigh

“That is forever...
I can’t wait!”

Yep, we are making coffee addicts here
And they can’t even drink it yet!

Following this
Breakfast is served,
Dishes are put away
And school is ready to roll...

But wait!
What is that?
A heard of cows
Or quite possibly goats???
Crossing OUR farm?

Oh no they DIDN’T!!!
The cry is let out

13 children,
3 dogs,
And myself
Start running
Throwing rocks
And in general
Raise a great hullabaloo...

I am sure life must be more entertaining
Now that we live here
For our neighbors
I know that when I send the children out
It amuses me to just step back
And watch them spread out,
Waving their arms
And yelling
Really, there is NO replacing that image

The farm is now secure
School can proceed
It is 10 AM

Wow, that is a lot!
This is shaping up to be a long entry...
So for now I think I will just post this
And add to it later :)

To be continued !

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  1. Your posts are the best Brianna! It is so good to 'hear' your voice as I read your account of your morning! I get sucha good visual of what your life is like, and am so happy for you! We miss you here, but know you are right where God has placed you!:)
    Continuing to pray for you all,