Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Day in My Life Part 4

Dinner has been served
Now it is on to “the good stuff”

We do one of two things

Either we go on a walk
Which is quite an experience
Everyone gets their walking partner
We link hands
And off we go

Wandering your neighborhood
Is amazing
When you live in Africa
You never know what you will see!

Plus everyone gets a kick
Out of coming out
And watching us walk past

They always ask where we are going
And just laugh
When we tell them nowhere
We are just “footing”
Silly us

When it is time to come back
It is always the same thing
“Oh please!
Can we go a LITTLE farther”

I am pretty sure we could walk
All the way to Gulu and back
And they would still
Want to continue walking

All good things must come to an end
So all of us turn around
And walk back
To “Lil’ Village”
As we jokingly call the farm

The second thing
We do just depending on our mood
Is “Relay Races”

This is always an experience
Plus there is a “bore hole”
At the end of our dirt road
(Where we do the relay races)
And all the women and children
That are there gathering water
Get quite the kick
Out of watching us

I won’t lie
I love watching us too :)
The kids are hilarious!

There are all kinds of racing
Foot racing

Of course with Balancing
It is either
With a bowl on your head
Or a tomato in a spoon

And my personal favorite
The hurdle

Our hurdle
Is a Jerry Can
Laying on its side...


I love Africa

So the kids are split into “fair” teams
And the races begin

Love it!

After that
It is bathing time
So the kids all go
Get their pajamas
And wait for their turn

Most of the time
This goes pretty easily
They just bath
Brush their teeth
And go to bed...

Then it is time to relax...
It is probably about 8:30

Peace and quiet :)

I normally
Get online for a bit
Then bath
And go to bed

Sweet sleep...
Or at least
That is what I think

Lately I have been waking up
Because there are field mice
Who live on my hut wall

Now don’t panic
They can’t get to me
Zane put up chicken wire
Around the tops of all our walls
Praise the Lord

For some unknown reason
These mice
Love the wall

I named the first one
Cause he makes me so angry!!!

To top that off
At about 5:30
Or 6 A.M.
One of the goats
Wakes up...
And Baah’s...
For 30 minutes!!!


The other night
I was sitting
Watching the kids
And Eryn came
Sat next to me
And said
You look tired”.
I told her I was kind of tired

She paused
Then she said
“I don’t know
Why you are so tired.
All you do
Is lay on a bed
Most of the day
And watch the kids
Do their school”.


Go figure :)

Then again
I wouldn’t trade it
For the world


  1. It may be tiring but it seems to be the best kind of tired anyone could ever have........who would have thought that being tired could ever be a blessing :-) That's awesome Bri.

  2. What a great end to your day! God is so good, and it is very clear to see that He has you right where you should be!:) Thanks for sharing your what your day is like, it is fun to 'picture' you as you go about your life!
    We continue to pray for you all!
    The Buxton's