Monday, March 19, 2012

A Day in My Life Part 3

This is the continuation
Of a day in my life
Not that I am an ego-maniac
But I have a blog
And I figured I haven’t written about it
So I hope you continue to enjoy it
My life cracks me up...
I hope it does the same for you!

It is now 2 PM
Which means
Back to class we go

On Mon., Wed., and Fri.
That means it is Geography
Which I am teaching right now
We are studying South America

Let me just say...
I love South America
For so many reasons
One of my favorite
Is Spanish is so much fun!
And all their names
Are awesome

As a second side note
One of the kids favorite movies
Is “Nacho Libre”

Which means
In their minds
All people from Latin anything
Speak like Jack Black...

All this to say
I get to have an outrageous accent
And the kids mimic is

Words can not describe
How awesome it is
To have all of them repeat
You would just have
To be there

So yeah
Geography pretty much rocks
I don’t know how much the kids like it
But I have a blast :)

Geography normally ends about
3 or 3:30
After which
The kids scatter to do various things
Most of the time
(Depending on heat)
We end up outside
Play on the trampoline
Or chalking on the pavement

Ah the simple pleasures!
All the kids love outlining shadows
So we try to get it
As close to the person as we can

The kids are so good at it!
I can almost always tell
Whose shadow it is!
Oh why
Was I not given an artistic side?
Oh well
These kids make up for it in spades!

4:30 hits...
And Summer and I realize
It’s time to think about dinner

My favorite thing to do
Is ask what the kids want
They come up with some good ideas

Once WHAT we are having is decided
Then it just has to come to pass...
Easier said than done

Although Zane is putting forth
A valiant effort
Our actual kitchen is...
Alllllmost done...
So for now
Summer has a propane burner
A table to cut things on
Mother nature to contend with :)

So come rain
Or stray footballs
That meal has to be produced :)

Thank goodness
Many hands
Make light work!
The kids are generally running around
Fetching things
Stirring things
You know
Helping Mom
And another miracle
Food always shows up...
God is good!

Everyone washes there hands
And we sit

It is 6 o'clock
More to come


  1. You may not feel that you were given an artistic side, but you are a very creative, entertaining writer!:) We LOVE your posts!
    The Buxton's

    1. Thanks guys!!! I am glad that you enjoy reading them. I have been trying to be more faithful to post... Don't know what I am going to do next though ;) Gotta pray about it!

  2. Good grief! You're using Nacho Libre to teach about South've sunken to a new low Bri :-) Only kidding. Sounds like your back doing kitchen duty a kitchen smaller than the one in Israel if thats possible. I must admit, you were a fast cook! Its amazing how many different ways you can use peanut butter :-).

    1. ha ha ha Ryan :) peanut butter is miraculous!!! don't bash on it ;) and i am doing it in Africa so i win