Saturday, April 14, 2012

___Night of the White Ant___

What can I say
Another day
Another bug!

It seems
That we have entered
Into what is known
As white ant season

They are
As I type this
I am sitting
Safely tucked into
My mosquito net
On my bed 

But wait...
These suckers are

Even within my bed!!!

My sanctuary
Has been defiled!

I pause as I throw
Another bug out!
It’s a good thing
That I am an Oregon girl
They are literally

So in the evenings
We are all running
Here and there
Endeavoring to get
Where we are going
Without our clothes and hair
Being filled with these things!

On top of that
They are attracted to light
And our showers
Are outdoor showers...

So guess
Who is taking showers
With 1,000 white ants...

Yes sir
We all are!

It would probably be pretty comical
To come to our house
In the evenings
You would be hearing
Along the line of....

They are attacking me!"

"Gross ...
They are sticking to me!!!”

"Where do these things come from???"

The worst part
As soon as they
Land on you
Their wings come off...

So you are not only
Being swarmed
But you are also covered
In little white wings...
So when you try
To wash the wings off
More bugs come
And you are right back
At square one

I’m not gonna lie
I totally shrieked
A few times

There is nothing like
With no where to go
While these bugs
Swarm you

And I have only mentioned
The white ants...

We also have beetles

We call them

"The Bomber Beetles"

Because every time
They see you
You hear
A diving plane sound
Then POW!!!
They hit you...

That will take you
By surprise
As you are dumping
A cup of water
Over your head
Let me tell you what!!!

Mr Ahnono
Was talking to us
This evening

He just tsked
And informed us
That these were
“The useless bugs”

The big ones
Don’t come out
For another few weeks...

Those ones are useful
Because they
Can be eaten...

My mind stopped
At “Big Ones”
I forgot about those!

So now I have
That to look forward to

Ah Africa...

Whose idea was it to live here?


After writing this
I realized
It could be misconstrued
As complaining
And I just want to reiterate
Once again
I am so blessed
To live the life I do!
And I would not trade it
For anything else!

Thank you Jesus :)


  1. We would not trade you for anyone else either!

    We love you.

  2. Love your positive attitude:) At least you can look forward to the 'useful' bugs and a little more protein in your diet!:) God is so good, and we take joy in hearing of his wonderful creations, even in bug form!!!!
    Praying for you all!

    1. Thanks Buxtons!
      It is so good to know that there are people lifting us up in prayer :) Such a blessing, keep 'em comin'!

  3. You bet Bri! You, and the McCourtney's and everyone else that is there working alongside you, are a blessing to us!:) It is always so exciting to hear about what is going on in your lives!
    The Buxton's