Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ah... Rainy Season

Well things have been
Pretty busy
Here in “Little Village”
As we jokingly call it!

Rainy season is in full swing
And we are all
Loving it!

Most of the time :)
When we are dodging
Rain puddles
That just so happen
To be in our huts
We aren’t quite
So thankful for the rain :)

As long as the rain
Isn’t to heavy
The roofs seem
To be holding up

When the storms blow up
They blow up fast!
Once you see
The clouds rolling in
You have about
15 to 20 minutes
To get your act together
And organize
Before those big rains hit!

And with the rain
Comes the lightning
And the thunder!
I LOVE it :)

There is another thing
That comes in the rainy season

Let me introduce you to

Cordylobia anthropophaga

A big name
For a big bug!
We just call them
Mango flies

They sound innocent
Don’t they
After all
Mangoes are yummy
And flies
Well they are pesky
But what is there to fear

Maybe I should reiterate...
The mango larvae
That is what there is to fear

These things
Are beyond gross...
And this
Is why

Yeah I know

Oh wait!
It gets grosser

Mango flies
They are also known
By their other name

That's right

The momma flies
Lay their eggs
In a variety of places

All of them
That are conducive
To their eggs
Being able to find
Something to "burrow" into
When they hatch

So they lay their eggs in


So once the larvae
Attach to a host
They dig in
Under the skin
And grow
And grow
And grow!!!

Praise the Lord
None of us have gotten any

The dogs however
Have not been so lucky

I have been
Removing these things

You have to
Find the wound
And squeeze
On their side
Till it pops out

I am pretty sure
I am scared for life from this experience

I am NOT exaggerating
They leave small craters

You can see the sores
From feet away
They get huge!

Poor things :(

So believe you me
I am praying like CRAZY
That we are all spared...

As long
As we don't leave
The laundry out overnight 
(which NONE of us are doing)
We shouldn't have any problems

But seriously
One has to ask

As a closer :)
I thought it was cute
So I will share

During a huge rainstorm
Enoch who is three
Needed to move
To a drier room
Summer told him
To get his shoes on

There was a pause

She looked up
And realized
His shoes
Weren't outside the door

She asked him
Where are your shoes

Another pause
Then the answer

"Them floated away"

It was true!!!
There had been so much rainy at once
They floated down the courtyard
Into the yard

Only in Africa!
Love it


  1. wow! Yuck. Those sound like warbles that we used to have to pop out of cows here. Praying no one gets one. :) That is a lot of rain!

    1. Thanks Layla for the prayers! As always we love to know people are praying but even more so when they are praying we don't get infested with larvae :) blech!

  2. Oh Brianna, I do not know how you do it! I can handle a lot of things, but this fly larvae growing inside of a dog, and possibly a person is too much! We will pray that you all continue to be saved from this, and that the Lord continues to bless you all as only He can!

    1. Yeah there are days I just shake my head! I know I write alot about that weird stuff... but most of the time I don't even really think about it :) It is just "note worthy"! hahahaha Hopefully no more posts about weird things I discover... Moving out to the farm is a lot more rustic so we are discovering things we didn't know about last year :) Ah the mercy of the Lord is new every morning! Thank Him for that :)

  3. It's all a matter of perspective. What seems weird to you guys there is just life to the locals, and what is normal here to us might be weird to someone from their. God's handiwork is magnificent and amazing no matter where you are on this beautiful earth He created! You are so right, His mercy is new every morning, and I am so grateful for that!:)