Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sudan, Here We Come!

It is that time again
The time we all have to pack up
And renew our visas...

I am in the process
Of getting a work permit
But for now
I have to leave the country
Every three months

Tomorrow morning
We are going up
To Southern Sudan
About a 2 hour drive
To the border
From Kitgum
Zane will be driving
Therese and myself
Along with a few others
Across the border
To a town called "Obbo"

I have been to Sudan once
But this time
We will be going in 
A bit deeper
And staying for two nights

I am so excited!

We will be doing some ministry
With women and children
And the men
Will be doing some ministry
And possibly
Door to door witnessing!

Please keep us all
In your prayers

For traveling mercy
It is rainy season 
Which means that the roads
May be really bad
Think ginormous mud bogs
So it can be really easy 
To get the vehicle stuck

Also safety

Prayer for the ministry
And that we will be
An encouragement
To the believers 

I am going to take my camera
So hopefully I will be able to post
A few pictures!

Thank your for
Your prayers!

1 comment:

  1. We will be praying, and waiting to see some pictures:) Have a great time!