Saturday, January 29, 2011

In America versus In Kitgum

Well once again time has gotten away from me. When you do basically the same thing from day to day, it is easy to get two weeks down the road without even realizing that the time has gone by so quickly! I guess that is a good thing though :) Time flies when you are having fun.

In that time however, I have been compiling a short list of things that amuse me in the difference between life in America and life here in Kitgum, Uganda. I thought I would share them with anyone that decides to take the time to read my rambling. So here we go...

In America it's a traffic jam if you are stopped in your car for an hour.
In Kitgum it's a traffic jam when you see two cars IN an hour!

In America it's called a weed
In Kitgum it's a vegetable

In America if your plastic starts to smell you throw it away and buy new
In Kitgum you pick the smell that least disturbs you (washing powder, bleach, porridge, coffee, peas)

In America you kill any bugs that dare enter your home
In Kitgum you just avoid stepping on them

In America if someone says you look smart you probably wear glasses and look intellectual
In Kitgum if you are told you look smart they like your clothes

That is all for now but if I find anymore, I will try and make a list to put up at another time.

2 John 1:3
Grace be with you, mercy, and peace,
from God the Father, and from the
Lord Jesus Christ,
the Son of the Father,
in truth and love.

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