Monday, June 11, 2012

A Bit of an Update

A few weeks have gone by
Sorry about not updating

It seems my computer cord
Decided to spoil

Which meant I had to take
A temporary
From the internet
As well as blogging

I am back
With a "temporary" cord
Until a better one
Can be sent up

And also
With a thankful heart
For a working computer!

Funny how easy it is
To take for granted
The little things
Like working computer cords
Then when they are gone
You realize how blessed you are!

Another thing
That I realized
Is that in America
I always took for granted
My dining room table

Today for supper
We had potato soup
As I was dishing it out
I realized
That if it spilled
The kids were going to have
A burn
No bueno!

Make shift tables

Yes Please!

These boys even said
It was like
Going to a restaurant!

To which Eston
(on the left below)
When he has a restaurant some day
He might do it like this!

All in all

Just another way
To see blessing :)

Even Elizabeth
Who got to use
The corner of the cooking counter
Loved it!

God is so good to us!

Please continue
To keep all of us
In your prayers

Summer, Eryn and Ezekiel
Left this morning
In preparation
For going to America

How long they will be in America
Is at the moment unsure
But because of Summer's health
It might have to be
Up to several months

Please be praying for the McCourtney Family
During this time

As well as myself
and a girl named Elise
(who will be staying with us
for a few months)

As we all press on
With what the Lord has called us to
This season!

May the name of Jesus
Be praised
And lifted higher daily!


1 comment:

  1. Love your creativity, and ingenuity Bri! We continue to pray for you, and for the family, and just know that God will continue to provide the strength to do the work He has placed before you! He is so good and so faithful, isn't He?:)
    Love you!
    The Buxton's