Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Say What?

So I won’t lie... Some of the funniest things that I have ever experienced have been in the last week and a half. Just thought I would share some of them with you!

We live pretty simply here in Kitgum and the options of what you are going to eat can be... lets say semi limited :) That being said, if you want something, you just have to make it. Having lived in Mexico I picked up how to make Tortilla Chips, so I thought “why not, I can do this!”. So I grabbed my corn flour and various other things and went to frying. Joyce, one of the Acholi women that works for the McCourtney’s hadn’t left for the evening so I offered her one. Let me tell you what, I am thinking she was worried about putting it in her mouth. But she was brave and gave me a chance. She took a bite, thought about it for a minute and informed me, “This is very nice! I did not know a white person could make a chip that tastes like this”. It pretty much made my life, although I did hold my laughter until she left... Us white people can cook too!

Summer and I went to the market the other day. Have I mentioned that there are only 5 other white people in Kitgum (that I know of) outside of the McCourtney’s and myself. Being that as it is, I am the new “white girl”. As we were finishing up with the shopping the three women we were buying from started talking in Acholi and Summer informed me that they were talking about me, but that she didn’t know if it was good or bad... After listening for another minute she told me that it was good and they were saying I looked good. Have I mentioned that the heavier your weight here, the more attractive they think you are. I looked at her and said “its just because I am fat!”. Right after I said that, they stopped talking, looked at me and one of the ladies gave me a huge “thumbs up”. What can I say... :) Score for the chubby lady!

And my personal favorite!
The weather has been warm, although one of the men informed me “it will get hotter and hotter and hotter and.........”. Thanks... for that encouragement. Anyway, the children were wanting to go out and play in the mid afternoon but I informed them that we couldn’t because it was too hot. When they continued to ask I told them “we can’t go out... I’ll melt!”. The looks of shock made it worth saying. Then with concern, Ephriam put his hand on my arm and asked... “is it because you’re white?”.

Have I mentioned...
I love my life :)


  1. It is so good to 'hear your voice' in your writing! Thanks for that updates, and especially for the laughs:) We miss you!!!!! Praying for you all!

  2. Hahaha awesome! Glad you are having such an amazing time there! Praying for you!