Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Morning Kitgum

Just so you know, it sounds like there is a herd of howling roosters outside my door...

No, I am not dreaming or hallucinating, just sitting awake on my bed at 5 AM listening to the roosters (and there are many) of Kitgum announcing to town it is time to get up. You see... I broke a very basic cardinal rule of life. I told Summer yesterday that I didn’t think Jet Lag was going to get me this trip. Of course, having said it out loud, this morning at 330 AM Mr. Lag came to visit, wanting to prove me wrong. So here I sit and have sat for an hour and a half, pounding my head into the wall for being so foolish.

The good news here :) I am pretty sure that I am much smarter between the hours of 330 AM and 530 AM! I have already started lists of things I want to do today and craft ideas for the kids (not my forte as many of you know). We will see how those work out.

Another blessing I discovered, for all of you who asked me before I left. The official language here in Uganda is English! That makes it much easier because almost everyone you meet speaks English, although I will admit sometimes their accent is so thick I have to ask them to repeat what they were saying. So far everyone has been very patient with me though, so I am thankful for that. Hopefully I will get used to the accent soon, that will make things a lot easier.
The food is very good, but also very simple. It is amazing how much we eat in America and take for granted. Beans and rice are a staple, but they taste so good that I am pretty sure I won’t mind eating them often. I am going to ask the girls to teach me the secret of white rice. I still can’t make it after living in Mexico for so many years!

The simplicity of the food humbles me however, in a good way, and reminds me of how ungrateful I am when I am in America. So many times at home I would complain about there not being anything to eat, when the fridge was full of food. Do you remember when you were young and your mother would tell you that you needed to finish your food because there were children in Africa that would love to have it? Well that is Oh so true. It is much easier to be grateful for the simple food I have, knowing there are many people outside the gates that would LOVE to have my porridge. So just so everyone knows... Enjoy the McDonald’s cheeseburger will ya :) and eat an extra one for me!

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